Etusivu Uutisia Norjan suurlähettiläs vierailulla
Norjan suurlähettilään vierailu UECC:n Auto Energyllä

What is his purpose of visiting the port and what can both parties expect out of this visit?

Anders Ahlvik, CEO Port of Hanko / Norwegian Consul:  I invited the ambassador to Hanko, it has been a tradition to invite him here in the middle of December each year. We have visited Assistor Ltd, a logistics company specialized in PDI car logistics in the Freeport of Hanko. I also wanted to show the Ambassador the biggest LNG driven Roro vessel Auto Energy owned by the Norwegian shipping Company UECC.

What are your thoughts of UECC and our LNG vessel, and his thoughts of ‘green shipping’/environmental technology?

Åge B. Grutle, Norwegian Ambassador: I expect Norwegian shipping to be in the forefront of green shipping and it is nice to see that this is precisely where UECC is. Since the Baltic Sea is a laboratory for green shipping, it seems particularly appropriate that the company is doing pioneering work on a Baltic Sea route. I’m sure Norwegian shipping and UECC will continue to lead in this field. As a Norwegian ambassador this makes me proud. As Norway’s ambassador to Finland, I am also happy that there is evidence of Norwegian-Finnish cooperation onboard such as Wärtsilä generators. 

Pictures and interview by Annika Lindholm, Oy Hangö Stevedoring Ab