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Ships Clearance

trafe_kopit.jpgHangö Stevedoring provides high quality ships clearance services, mainly in Hanko, but upon agreement we are also able to offer our services in other Finnish ports.  Our ships clearance personnel is available and at your service all hours, every day of the year.  Customer needs and expectations are the basis of our work.  We handle the communications between all shipping parties whether it is about ordering a pilot, berth reservation or shipping documents.

Due to our wide range of experience mostly in liner traffic, but also other maritime traffic, we can offer high quality and cost-effective services. 

Questions related to ships clearance issues are answered by our liaison officers:  

meklarit.jpgContact information:
Phone:  +358(0) 40-661 7974, +358(0)40-661 7932

At your service:
Mathias Bilenberg
Annika Lindholm 
Magnus Karlsson 
Mikael Kangas