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Hangö Stevedoring takes care of any formalities relating to the storage, handling or exporting of paper and forest industry products.  Services also include export to overseas destinations and comprehensive shipping documentation.  Our forwarders manage check-in of semi-trailers and other wheeled cargo as well as different other units in the ship-traffic between Hanko and the rest of Europe.
Contact details: 
Email: vienti.hanko(at)hangostevedoring.fi
Tel:  +358 (0)40-740 7997


Import services have been developed to be as convenient as possible for the customer.  An estimated unloading time regarding semi-trailers, wheeled cargo and containers is reported to the customer on unit basis every day.  In addition, Hangö Stevedoring takes care of the handover of units and transport of containers, units and transit cargo. Our forwarders also handle the customs clearance for goods from outside the EU.  
Contact details: 
Email: tuonti.hanko(at)hangostevedoring.fi
Tel:  +358 (0)40-740 8021