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Import notification

We are going to renew our import notification.

In the future you don´t any longer has to sign out your trailer on the list in the office. Important though, is to make sure that the registerplate is clean (from dirt and snow) and readable when driving through the gate out.

If there is any documents they will be found at the same old place, in the office or in the mailboxes outside.

Trailers brought to the harbor for export can be signed in on the list, as before, but also here it is very important that the plate is readable when driving through the gate in to the harbor area so that it will be registered in our system!

Also observe that every unit should have a exportbooking before it is brought inside the harbourarea!

The port is not a storageplace for units not booked.

In the beginning (until 31.12.22017) we will put the estimated dischargingtime list in the old place but in the future there will only be shipsmail/cmr´s in the shelves/mailboxes.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: