Home News Weighing service for container as of 1.11.16
VGM - Verified Gross mass

As of 1.11.16 also Hangö Stevedoring offers weighing service for export containers in port.

 The scale is type certified and the weighing will be done on the request of shipper or his representative. it is on the shippers responsibility to relay the weighing information to the shipping line.

The weighing is requested in advance, weekdays and the day before holidays 06:30-15:30 hrs, by filling in the terminal-advice which is sent to vienti.hanko@hangostevedoring.fi
>>> TerminalAdvice.pdf

VGM weighing submitted in advance costs Eur 40,-/weighing, if ordered on the spot Eur 140,-/weighing.
VGM weighing will be done within the container handling times.