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1912 - 2012, Hangö Stevedoring Celebrates its 100th Anniversary

6.9.1912 the Imperial Senate of Finland confirmed the establishment of Aktiebolaget Hangö Skeppstufveriaffär. The founders of the company were Karl Boström and Finska Ångfartygs Ab.

At the declaration of peace at Moscow 1940, it was decided that Hanko would become a marine military base for the Soviet Union. Hanko was evacuated along with all the companies, including Hangö Skeppstufveriaffär, which moved to Mäntyluoto in Pori. At this time, the company also received its Finnish company name O.Y. Hangon Laivanahtausliike – A.B. Hangö Skeppsstuveriaffär. The company moved back to Hanko 1942.

1957 the company namne was changed to O.Y. Hangon Laivanahtaus – A.B. Hangö Skeppsstuveri and 20 years later it was renamed O.Y. Hangö Stevedoring A.B.

From 1993 onwards, the company name has been Oy Hangö Stevedoring Ab.